Portfolio and site revival

After some thinking, I decided to revive the offline sites and host them as sample sites so people can still get to see those sites instead of just looking at screenshots. Only 2 sites left that are offline but I might probably not bring them back online as syt has a relatively large database while dab-mobile does not really have much content. Now I just need to do the writeups for each site and the various web design packages that they used and/or the addons or special things about each site. After that I'll start building the FAQ but I would like to find a more user friendly way of navigating the FAQ tree compared to the native FAQ system in the CMS I'm using.

I currently have a few exciting web design projects on hand and hopefully will get to launch them soon as most of them are currently just on hold and awaiting client's input with respect to contents.





Thank you for the excellent services and advice. I will surely recommend your web design services to anyone who needs a professional but affordable website.
Daniel Low
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