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Done some invisible overhaul to the site especially in terms of SEO. Hopefully this will push my site further up the search engines. Still have to add more content to the site though, if I want to really go further up since the content on my site is pretty sparse.

Also did some experimentation and updating of the portolio page. I tried out the JA Showcase component but could not really get it to work right. Eventually decided to go with just a lightbox gallery for each showpiece. Took some time to get the result I wanted but it's pretty nice to see the results. Have to slowly update each of them now with pictures and information and the problem is that some of the sites are no longer operational. A lot of work will be required if I want to bring the backups back online so I can just take a few screenshots. Undecided on what I should do...





Thank you for the excellent services and advice. I will surely recommend your web design services to anyone who needs a professional but affordable website.
Daniel Low
Namecard Specialist


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